Summertime - Billy Stewart
Eleanor Rigby - Kim Weston
Indian Rope Man - Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity
Don't Drop Out - Dolly Parton
Tired Eyes - Neil Young
I Won't Hurt You - Neo Maya
Today - Tom Scott
You Don't Love Me Anyhow - Act One
It Be's That Way Sometime - Nina Simone
Daydream - Rita Moss
Danny's Dream - Jeanne Newman
Smokey Joe The Dreamer - Bullet
The Dream Catcher - The Little Boy Blues
Hank Aaron - Smoke
Can't Help Falling in Love - Robert Zimmerman
I Sen't My Love - Billy's Band
Sea of Love - Phil Phillips & The Twilights
Save Their Souls - Bohannon
(Intermission w/ Cosmo Baker)
**Cosmo Baker's Set**
The Other Song - Spirit
War in Peace - Skip Spense
Six Day War - Colonel Bagshot
Season of The Witch - Lou Rawls
Come in out of the rain - Parliament
Tom Cat - Muddy Waters
Stone Junkie - Curtis Mayfield
Victims of the Darkness - Allen Toussaint
The Lurcher - Faust
Warning - The Ansley Dunbar Retaliation
Suburban Family Lament - Ruth Copeland
Don't You Know - Jan Hammer
Halleluwah - Can
Stoned is - Cynara
Momma Miss America - Paul McCartney
Psychedelic Portrait - Jack Arel
Gossip - Cyril Neville
Three People In Love - Mack Rice
I've Been Watching You - Southside Movement
Forever My Queen - Pentagram
Tatou Strip Tease Michel Audiard
Tales of Brave Ulysses - Rotary Connection
Tailor Man - United States of America
Odokamona - Ian Carr' Nucleus
See Emily Play - Pink Floyd
What's going on (stripped down version) - Marvin Gaye