scandinavian radio sessions - don cherry 
jump in the line - joseph spence 
bongo man - bongo man byfield 
voodoo woman - curtis knight 
oui patron - kili cats 
but officer - sonny knight 
where's my money? - willie jones 
little egypt (ying yang) - the coasters 
el tren - los aspen 
the brain - jimmy troy 
spanish harlem - val bennett 
feelin' good - lynn morino 
make me feel so good - ray smith 
fever - sharon cash 
king cobra - budos band 
tu vas rester - cap'tain michel group 
too young to understand - eek a mouse 
werewolf - holy modal rounders 
the bells of st. mary's ska - the carribbeats 
better change your mind - william onyabor 
ultramagnetic mc's - when i burn 
kissing my love - spanky wilson 
an angel is love - bob crewe generation orchestra 
love is a real thing - the super eagles 
dave hamilton - pisces pace
talky talky talky 
jibberish - bama and the family 
feeling free - nicole willis and the soul investigators 
getting better - davy graham 
little space girl - jesse lee turner 
jukebox on the moon - ginny millay 
andromenda - chris mcgregor 
i'm gonna paper all my walls with your love letters - the ravens 
monkey see monkey do - new swing quartet 
hear it - rolling stones 
without rings - scott thorough 
capelina de santos reis - moreno e morenhino 
pain - pat harvey 
hula rock - lew howard and the all stars 
time machine - jack donovan and the knightcaps 
talky talky talky talky 
come go with me - teddy pendergrass