Hey so we had a special guest this week. DJ Frank Gossner from voodoofunk came through to talk about his up coming release on Academy LPs, a compilation called Lagos Disco Inferno. Frank is a world class record digger. Here are some pictures of him doing some world class digging:

During the 2nd hour he played a tough Nigerian disco set.


taboo - terry snider
another spring - nina simone
le blue beat - myriam martin
standing in the safety zone - professor johnson
96 tears - big maybelle
bend it - little eva
who do you love - townes van zandt
chills and fever -ronnie love
don't you feel me - damon
spring again - biz markie
young blood - detroit junior
caravan - buddy merrill
last blood - lee perry and the upsetters
river jordan - clancy eccles
mini mini mini - jaques dutronc
hot pants - el combo xingtu
return of the vampire - the moonktrekkers
jade east - ramsey lewis trio
talky talky talky with Frank and Ricky Powell

**DJ Frank Gossner's Set**
groove the funk - aktion
groove the funk #2 - aktion
road man (mystic) - mighty flames
disco dancer - kiki gyan
get it down - livy ekemezie
desire - hotline
love machine - unknown artist
don't get me down - pogo limited
keep on dancing - kiki gyan
back in time - b l o
i'm on fire - toby foyeh
talky talk talky
cross my heart - billy stewart
can't eat, can't sleep - dolores ware
angel of the morning - joya landis