saturday night - melvin van peebles
chances with wolves - tone tank & scott thorough 
lil' school song - tom dutson 
dap walk - ernie and the top notes 
it's easier to cry - shangri-la's 
verdie mae - phil philips 
god's lsd - proffessor harold boggs & the boggs specials 
dream starts - elmer gantry's velvet opera 
soul freedom - ray and his court 
22nd century - nina simone 
here come the girls - ernie k. doe 
could you would you - them 
lookin' in the toaster - research 1-6-12 
halliford house - the virgin sleep 
the big east - masta ace incorporated 
the sounds of black - sounds of black 
evil ways - the exceptional citizens band 
hippie chick - purpose 
stars of the nba - ultramagnetic mc's 
??? - ??? 
comme a la radio - art ensamble of chicago ft. brigitte fontaine
??? - muluken mellesse 
the gift - the whitefield brothers ft. edan & mr. lif 
years to build - 360 degrees 
long live hip hop - taking your business 
let's put it in effect - nrg 
rap fiend - ray love 
(live) - grandmaster dst 
what's your world? - gloria ann taylor 
human nature - snowblink