grinding song - young tikar woman
southern love - ronnie hawkins and the hawks
the church is within us, oh lord - kent schneider
t'ain't it the truth - ernie k. doe
that's how i feel - soul clan
the ameoba song - neil
everybody got - ivor cutler
magnificat - ophellia
that's the way the world has got to be - chris lucey
shady blues - lee mason
anti-drug PSA - billy cobham
summer nights - les mistigirls
beseme mucho - jet harris
testimony - little richard
searchin - the mauds
chicano power the midnighters
guilty tiger - laurel aitken
the girl that resonates that charm - arthur alexander
take five - carmen mccrae with the dave bruebeck quartet
why don't you do right - mark murphy
you rascal you - louis armstrong
peace of mind - nina simone
i'll be the bee - ruth and al
omar - research 1-6-12
after hour man - joe medwick
ghetto man - tony clarke
Talky talk - Talky talk talk


one day - kings go forth (mr. c's)
two faces of love - ben brown and the melody masters (steeltown)
if i told you - the knightsmen (coconut groove)
you don't care - leon gardner (igloo)
look into my mind 0 sonny and mary reed (d-w)
i'm com'un home in the mmorn'un - lou pride (suemi)
mr lucky - freddy hill (ru-tee)
sixteen tons - marvin and the chirps (tip-top)
you made a mistake - charles johnson and the tornado orchestra (rainbow)
new generation - universouls (tener)
love, let's try again - the magicians (villa)
what am i waiting for - the black exotics (united)
sweet tooth - larry "chubby" reynolds (tri spin)
tell her - fred williams (solo)
harlem shuffle - little woo woo (heat)
a real man - judy stokes (soul power)
you little heartbreaker you - joe medwick (paradise)
baby i love you - the bloody truth (yas)
midnight dreams - tommy bell (zil)
I'll let you go free - alphonso hamilton (gateway)
chances are - bob marley