Green Onions - Zinthetyzër
Nobody's Perfect - Tony McKay
Sorry but I'm Gonna Have to Pass - The Coasters 
I Don't Want To Be Your Man - The B-G System 
Pressed Rat And Warthog - Cream 
I Wonder What Freedom Means - Los Canarios 
Morale - Félix B. Desfossés 
One Man Band (Plays All Alone)- Monk Higgins 
My Lovely Elizabeth - S.E. Rogie 
Everyday People - James Last
Cum cumbele - Michi Sarmiento 
Summertime - Don and the Nocturnes
Any Day Now - James Brown 
Jamaica - Ben E. King 
Johnny - Jackie Edwards 
Hazlo Fluido - Afro Gang 
sawmill - the admirals 
Medeley Of Aretha Franklin - The Village Callers 
Africa likes music - africolombia 7 pulgadas 
Oye Como Va - Mario Allison y Sus Estrellas 
Cherrigale - Ed Townsend
down on me - ??? 
Me - Zion De Gallier 
Worthless Pleasures - David Axelrod 
Jive Baby On A Saturday Night - The Jellies 
Zilch - The Monkees 
I Get High On You - Sly & the Family Stone 
Q - Bec BBQ - L'infonie 
La Máquina Infernal -Vainica Doble 
Peter Peter - Joe Pass 
A Little Soulful Tune - Taj Mahal 
Hung Up - Salt 
Teardrops - ??? 
A Tear - Eskew Reeder 
I Saw A Tear - Ghetto Brothers
When i dead bury me clothes - Neville Marcano
rex williams - happy day
Run Joe - Stranger Cole
Soul Power - Walter Washington & The Soul Powers
Leros e Leros e Boleros - Sérgio Sampaio 
Stairway To Heaven - Jimmy Castor 
Sally go round the roses - La Clave 
So Far Away - The Crusaders 
Bring It On Home To Me - Lou Rawls 
Inside my Love - Minnie Ripperton