High Tech –  Serious Bizness
Cleo is Back – The Exciters
Lan Me Bougonne – Pierre X
Slacking Off – The Nassauvians
Hippy Heaven – Earl Coleman and the Latin Love In
Yo No Soy Hippie – Arty Valdes
The Way Out – United Methodist Parish in Bushwick
Songs of Deliverance (PT. 1) – Roy Hytower and the “Crowd Pleasers”
I Ain’t Never Seen a White Man – Wolfman Jack
Do Your Thing – Glen Adams
House of Lords (Joe, Beat the Drum) – Isidro (Chico) Misquez and His House of Lords Orchestra
Mr. Thunder – Mod Singers
Fried Rice – Jo Barbara
Runaway – Cecilio “Ces” Wilmot
I’ll Never Let You Go – Carl Walden
Girls I’m Here – The Bennetts
Killing Me Softly – The Bermuda Strollers
Nasty Sex – La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata
Man Was Born To Share The PainsTony Grey & The Black Kings