Intro (the sea)
Altantis - The Electric Concept Orchestra
Down by the Sea - Nilsson
Sundown at Sea - Cal Andrews and Trio
Ocean of Tears - Big Maybelle Smith
The Deepest Part of the Ocean - Gene Kennedy
The Moon and the Sea - B Bumble and the Stingers
Lonely Sea - The Beach Boys
Surf Rider - Eden Ahbez
Down by the Ocean - George and Sonny Sands
Sagar (the ocean) - Ananda Shankar (interlude)
Pipleline - The Bombay Beach Boys
Beachbummer - Houndstooth
Sitting on the Beach - Bongos Ikwe
Seabird - Alessi Brothers
South Sea Island Magic - Arthur Lyman
Poem by the Sea - Eric Burdon
La Mer - Charles Trenet
Wave the Ocean, Wave the Sea - Neal Morris & Charlie Everidge
John B. Sail (Wreck of the John B.) - Blind Blake
To a Sea Horse - Moondog
L'Ocean - Duo Ouro Negro

INTERLUDE (Make Love to the Mountain)

Grandma's House - Dale Hawkins
Mountain - Derroll Adams
Lord Don't Move the Mountain - The Brewers
Taking Tiger Mountain - Brian Eno
Climbing High Mountains - Robert "Nighthawk" Johnson
Magenta Mountain - Yma Sumac
Mountains's High - Dick & Dee Dee
Girl from the Mountain - Ghetto Brothers
Magician in the Mountain - Sunforest
Hushabye Mountain - Dick Van Dyke
Girl from Vernon Mountain - Chris Lucey
You're a Mountain - Roletta Fynn
Magic Mountain - War
Haunting in the Mountains - The Golden Ring 
Go Tell it on the Mountain - Barbara Dane and the Chambers Brothers
There is a Mountain - Donovan
There is a Mountain - Rene Bloch & the Afro Blues Quintet
Coming around the Mountain - Abner Jay